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Feb 4, 2013 6:30pm PST
are implicad they cashed in about 800 million euro in illegal bets. >> this is fixing activity on a scale we have not seen before involving hundreds of criminals and players. this is generating very large amounts of illicit profits. >> the global scale was run out of singapore with bribes topping 100,000 euro. euro poll showed videos of arrests and they said they would not release the names of any players are clubs until the investigation is concluded. worldwide, euro poll has identified semi-pro matches in germany. they are shocked by of course ts shocking, but these are not official numbers yet. if they turn out to be true, it is very scary. >> it will be some time for they can close the case. some 300 matches are still being investigated. >> a very big case indeed. for more, let's go down to titus from our sports desk. how much of a surprise is this? >> it's not so much a surprise when you mentioned the nature, but the scale is staggering. it shows just how endemic problem it has become and how blinded the authorities have been to the problem. this is clearly a bold, brazen ring that has
Feb 7, 2013 6:30pm PST
the recent rise in the value of the european currency, the euro, shows markets are indeed confident in the currency's stability. he pledged to keep a close eye on the economic impact of a strong euro. that pushed the currency slightly lower in trading. >> but he also said he expects the eurozone to return to growth later in 2013 after a weak start to the year. ecb has left eurozone interest rates unchanged at 0.75%. any decision by the ecb, even when to hold interest rates steady, is a sure-fire market mover. here is a report from the frankfurt stock exchange. >> the euro dollar exchange rates declined significantly while and after the ecb president spoke at his press conference here in frankfurt. draghi said that the key interest rate for the eurozone remains stable at 0.75%, but he also said one risk for the economy in the eurozone was the appreciation of the euro/dollar exchange rate, meaning it is getting tougher to export goods and services out of the eurozone if the euro gets too expensive. that is why he underlined several times that the monetary policy stance of the ecb rema
Feb 14, 2013 6:30pm PST
-- the goal, raising tens of billions of euros every year and curbing speculation that can cause of people in the financial markets. >> but it is a very controversial measure. so much so that even less than half the state's leading lady the tax. >> the new tax will apply to billions of transactions a year. 11 eurozone countries including germany hope to introduce the tax this year. the levy would amount to 0.1% on trades and bonds, stocks, and currencies. >> what we have proposed is technically sound and legally robust as a tax, a tax which will strengthen our market and tim burke irresponsible financial trading. >> the eu commission wants to make sure companies do not just do their trading somewhere else, so the tax will apply if one of the parties is located in a participating country. opponents say that will not work. >> where a tax is suddenly imposed in 11 of the 27 eu countries, that creates pressure for companies to change their place of business. >> but the eu commission says the 11 participating countries are trail blazers. it believes other countries will soon follow suit. one re
Feb 8, 2013 6:30pm PST
is worth 959 billion euros and was hammered out after two days of nearly round-the- clock negotiations and is far less than the just over $1 trillion euros -- and the one trillion euros the commission chancellor angela merkel went into the talks saying she was confident the agreement would be reached. in the end, the 27 member states came up with a compromise that even british prime minister david cameron welcomed as a good deal for britain >> it is perhaps nobody's perfect budget, but there is a lot in it for everybody. obviously, you can look at the end result through many, many prisons. from the overall european perspective, i want to emphasize that the budget is future- oriented. it is realistic. it is driven by pressing concerns. >> the total budget ceiling over the next seven years has been tapped at about 960 billion euros. it is the first-ever net reduction. reaching a unanimous agreement between all of the eu's member countries was a difficult task. >> it is not easy reach an agreement between 27 different countries, but we've managed it, so we are now confident and positive g
Feb 12, 2013 2:00am PST
when the country's best players fight for the euro cup. it is a good opportunity for host countries to boost their image abroad, but the end of the tournament has often been a true reality check for the host. many greatly exceed their budgets when building glamorous stadiums or new roads for tourists. so what do you actually gain from hosting big sports events? poland is currently taking stock. half a year after it was the host of the euro as the tournament is also called. >> this is an excerpt from a video about last summer's european soccer championships, made by one of poland's best known commentators. his online entries have won him a cult following. >> we were the best, not the players. the team made an early exit, but all the other polls had a fantastic tournament. everybody plays -- praised the first class organization. >> the infrastructure investment for the tournament also had an added bonus for the country -- 1,000 kilometers of new motorways. :'s sports minister came under fire before the tournament. opposition critics predicted a disaster, but the prime minister support
Feb 20, 2013 6:30pm PST
cut. trust in greek banks is slowly returning. billions of euros had been redeposited, but not enough to make up for last year's losses. >> what has improved? that we now have to break our backs for wages as low as the pocket money of a primary school kid? nothing has changed for us. >> the climate has changed slightly because greece leaving the eurozone is no longer on the table. things have calmed down. >> analysts say more austerity cuts could lead to a further drop in consumer spending by the end of the year. >> the biggest question for greece is how people will cope with the pension cuts and tax hikes over the coming four months. >> greeks are now hoping that the worst of the crisis is over. analysts say recovery should kick in by 2014 at the latest. >> for more in the greek economy and today's protests, we go live to athens to our correspondent. what is happening there now? what has the mood been like on the streets today? >> the protests have basically died out now. what happened during the day was pretty much a rerun of about 20 general strikes there have been since the greeks
Feb 22, 2013 6:30pm PST
ahead. they took in almost 32 billion euros last year, more than ever before. >> revenues from vw subsidiary portion did particularly well, but the ceo said that the company expected a tough year in 2013, especially because of instability in southern and western europe. >> onto friday's market action now, and german blue chips rebounded on the final trading day of the week. the surprisingly strong ifo index prompted many traders to jump back into the market. our correspondence sent us this summary. >> good is often not good enough. vw presented stellar results and a the highest profits in its history, but shares fell sharply. one reason was the dividend vw is paying being not high enough in the minds of traders, and they are also not so optimistic with regards to this year. losses in shares put a little pressure on the entire market, but a strong ifo index saved the day. it was the second early indicators signaling a strong rebound of the german economy. the euro was lagging behind the pessimistic remarks of the eu commission on the eurozone economy worried currency traders. >> we
Feb 7, 2013 4:00am EST
headlines from around the world. >> euro trade ahead of the ecb rate decision with the central bank not expected to move. >> there's a new man in town. the next bank of england governor mark carney faces lawmaker easy here in the uk with investigators keen to get his read on the outlook of the economy. >>> new money below expectations, although the stock is trading higher. >> and the falling yen helping to keep sony in the game. the playstationmaker plans to stay in the game. >> you're watching "worldwide exchange," bringing you business news from around the globe. >> all right. welcome to today's program. we've got extended programming today because of the bank of england and ecb rates. it's not the "worldwide exchange" program -- are you involved, still? you've got a long day ahead. >> if you like your business news -- >> if you like your central bank meeting, which come on. >> and here is the thing. i was talking about it earlier in the week. is it just questions dense that mark carney is giving testimony while the bank of england is sitting down to decide upon the rate policy? t
Feb 1, 2013 4:00am EST
, this after the government is forced to bail out local banks after a bailout of 3.7 million euros. >>> we kick off with the pmis out of the eurozone. january manufacturing pmi, 47.9. the flash 47.5, december manufacturing pmi was 46.1. it has boosted the euro to maintain its gaze, now back over to 1.3651 and continuing to climb high. that is now a 32-month high against the yen, as well, at 11.25965. the german manufacturing pmi was a little better, as well, this morning. helping to boost those numbers. we suggest that there's benefits from emerging markets rather than, perhaps, from elsewhere in europe. anyway, coming in better once again for the eurozone. still in contraction territory, but, of course, the trend is what is being concentrated on. we had similar indicators for two die verging views on china's recovery. eases to 50.4 for january, that was below the forecast of 5079 the. but a private survey showed growth at a two-year high. the final hsbc pmi up 52.3. which is an inch above last week's reading. at the same time in india, growth slipped to falling new export orders. the manufactu
Feb 12, 2013 4:00am EST
. >> and loreal is talking about the strong euro in france. >> right into trading down double digits this morning. another story in italy, it seems like the entire world press core at this point will be desending on trade. >> yes, they will, with the pope and the italian elections. >> i think it was something like 10,000 journalists for the pope the last time. it's a huge event. it will be four days after the italian election. >> i don't know how the bars cope, frankly, right when that's going on. >> we're going to head to the stages of hollywood, florida. the etf shows in signs of chilling down. >> and we'll get a view from the french finance minister on the strength of the euro. plus we'll get a view from seoul as firms have conducted a third nuclear test. >> and we'll be looking at loreal, suggesting that the strong euro is a problem in france. but first, turn our attention to barclay's. it's unveiling operational changes. the goods reducing head count by around 3,700 people by reducing its overall cost cutting base. barclay's will close its structured capital markets business and focus on inv
Feb 22, 2013 4:00am EST
. ahead of trade, you're looking at the euro/dollar up about 0.2%. it looks as though the february ifo fund index has risen. in fact, it's risen to a level of 107.4, well above the level of 104.7 that was expected. also, depending on the consensus, it was looking for a reading of about 104/105. current conditions index, 110 versus the expectation of 108.5. message here from businesses surveyed by -- in this survey show the expectations the current climate and the general feeling among businesses in germany is on the rebound. so this does jive with what we've seen out of several other surveys, including the zew index, also the pmi numbers, as well. let's get more on what this means. not much reaction across the euro. hans rhettiker, good morning. >> it is a very important number, especially in the context of what happened recently in europe where we had very bad gdp numbers. we had weaker pmi data than assumed and, therefore, it was data on this side. if the ifo would have come on the weaker side, then i think under those circumstances, people would have been quite negative for european
Feb 18, 2013 10:30pm EST
in the ecb to make sure that the euro got through this problem. and i was designated as a questioner to ask him about the banking union. and at that point he was of very optimistic. he thought the banking union could be worked on and in place in the first quarter of this year. well, now they've moved it to the first quarter, hopefully, of 2014, and you still have arguments over how it's going to be done. so you need to put a timeline on this, and then you've got to adhere to it. but to get the banking system back with similar regulations throughout the eurozone is absolutely necessary. it is key to the recovery of europe. second of all is a plan that he talked about on july 26th in london last year which is the outright monetary transactions, omt, where the ecb would buy bonds from the countries in trouble along with the european stability mechanism under certain conditions. in other words, certain conditionality. now, the ecb isn't going to put up that conditionality. they've got enough on their as a central bank and now as a supervise for the banks. supervisor for the banks. and it'll pro
Feb 25, 2013 6:30pm PST
monti introduced and he said italians deserve 1000 euro each regardless and that they should have free internet. he is against the euro and the austerity measures coming from brussels and berlin. he's a very popular man, but he is no politician. he says he does not want to go to parliament, just to protest. >> the other big issue is sylvia burlesconi picking up a lot of support in recent weeks. what should we take away from that box >> burlesconi is also a winner in this election. in only four weeks, he double its share in the popular vote. a spokesman of his party says he is back. burlesconi is back in the ring and this will not be the last election burlesconi is there, but he will now run for office. he is still pulling the strings behind the scenes. >> dan, thank you for the report. >> from rahm out of brussels where nina has more on what all this means for europe. there has been a lot of concern about the vote in italy and what it means for the eu debt crisis. what does brussels make of the vote so far? is austerity out? >> there are no official comment yet, but you can rest assure
Feb 7, 2013 5:30pm PST
activity which remains weak. >> the economic weakness in euro areas expected to prevail in the early part of 2013. later, in 2013, economic activity should gradually recover, supported by our monetary policy stance. >> draghi said he'll continue monetary easing measures while carefully watching how foreign exchange rates impact euro zone's economy and prices. he said commercial banks have paid back over $180 billion of funds the centurile tral bank provided. he said this reflects improvement in the financial market. japan's current account figures were just released. the current account balance for december was in the red for two consecutive months. that's the first time since 1985 that two straight months of declines were shown. finance ministry officials say the december current account deficit was $2.8 billion. the trade balance registered a deficit of about $6 billion. exports fell 6.9% while imports were up about 0.8% from the previous year. as a result, the ministry said the current account surplus for the whole of 2012 was down for two years in a row. now u.s. stock prices ended lo
Feb 11, 2013 11:00am PST
for people going to work. 52% with cars. in the average year, it is about 1 billion euros of investment in the car infrastructure. 22% public transport, 750 billion investment in public transport. 21% of the trips from home to work is by bicycle. only 30 million euros per year. this is the network in the region for bicycling. this is the inner city of amsterdam. it is important know, what are the benefits for the employer? i already told you that. also, in the netherlands, we're not so good with racing cyclists. all the champions from last year are from italy, spain, or your country, never from the netherlands. but cycling is more than racing, it is a way of transport. especially for the first 7 kilometers, in combination with public transport. the last lines are important. for instance, in at the city of amsterdam, 85% of the trips are faster by bike then by car -- then by car. i do everything by bicycle. i am a slow cyclist, and i am still faster through the city. that is why most of the people in amsterdam go by bike. if your interested in funny and nice invidious, go to youtube. but
Feb 16, 2013 7:00pm EST
the primary deficit of the government by 25 billion euros, we reduced the demand by 70 billion euros. the creaky economy shrunk by 70 billion euros. it is like seeing a snake in a tree and deciding to burn the entire forest to get rid of the snake. is an absurdity. >> he has been to buenos aires, rio, and washington. but the situation is fractious. some worry that he has too much power and that is only those in the black t-shirts left expressing. >> a man that is going to lead the tube strikers against the government. it is a serious question. >> by think that this is exactly our biggest advantage. -- i think that. at the same time, we can be down in the streets fighting in mobilizing the masses. in greece, we have people that are committing suicide, every day, beaten by an absolute despair. in order for those people to live, they need to defeat them and claim their rights. >> he lost the election, and the incoming government destabilized things economically. the cold war, destabilization, it will always polarized and split greek politics, and that is really what he is trying to do.
Feb 25, 2013 4:00am EST
of 87 of 75 against the euro, as well. darren maher joins us. there's been quite a big move already in sterling before this announcement, one wonders actually whether the ratings downgrade, now it's on a stable outlook, is perhaps the end of the weakness in sterling. >> i suspect not, to be honest. we can talk about it being a move and certainly over the last couple of years, there has been a big shift in cable. frankly, this has been a relatively small move. we can't say as of yet it's overshoot. i don't think the market will take great solace that we're now in a stable outlook from moody's because i think everybody recognizes the uk is still fragile and the growth position is more fragile, so i think more down side is possible. >> but what is in the price, darren? >> i think from this point forward is how much slippage do we get. i would say it's more what's in the price and what's in the price for sterling is the market has given the uk a lot of good will that it will be able to mix this wonderful growth of austerity. i think what the market is now doing is reappraising that. tha
Feb 8, 2013 6:00am EST
. this is what has enabled us to cross borders to have a single currency and the euro to set up a tax on financial transactions. this is enhanced cooperation. it's open to everyone. everyone who wants to come on board. and one day perhaps we can all gather around this principle, and this year, the european parliament will have a big part to play because by means of its scrutiny it will ensure that the whole thing hangs together. i, too, want to make europe more comprehensible. i call for budget integration, tax integration, social integration. it's of there. it calls for stronger political union. because otherwise it will be too weak. in other words, we need a eurozone government. we need new financial instruments to enable us to take action on a budget for the eurozone, which links up to the budget of the european union, and all of that must be subject to the scrutiny of the european parliament, and national parliament, too. i hope that next year's european elections will be a time for a great debate on the future of europe, which will enable us to decide what policies we want to con
Feb 13, 2013 6:30pm PST
in the biggest financial trade deal ever. >> the eu and u.s. already trade some 2 billion euros worth of goods and services every day. about 1/3 of total global commerce. president obama wants to bring that commerce into what would be the world's biggest free trade zone. the european commission says that would have world wide applications. >> which translates into tens of billions of euros every year and tens of thousands of new jobs. this offers us a great perspective at a time when we are gradually making our way to recovery. most important of all, it is a boost to our economies that does not cost 1 cent of taxpayer money. >> both sides stand to benefit. economists to warn that negotiations will be tough. the eu and washington disagree on issues ranging from industrial trade barriers and agricultural standards to data and privacy protection. >> the undertaking will not be easy. ideally, we would like to complete this work in about two years. if possible, before the end of the mandate for this commission, but more paramount than speed is achieving an ambitious deal. >> most european leaders s
Feb 26, 2013 2:00am PST
euros. this mouthwash company was also on the verge of ruin after swiss air reneged on a huge contract. minder was outraged company executives pocketed millions despite going nearly broke. >> i'm going to take matters into my own hands. >> his initiative against so- called ripoffs is about ending excessive salaries for swiss ceo's. he wants to ban welcome payments like the 4 billion euros or golden parachutes like the 13 million of credit suisse. and he wants shareholders to approve a executive salaries on an annual basis. >> i do not want these excess is because it is always the same with this mismanagement and excess. salaries and compensation worth millions while thousands lose their jobs. >> valentin does his best not to come across as a greedy executive. the ceo of this engineering firm has an annual salary of 100,000 euros. as the president of swiss employers association, he is doing everything he can to fight the initiative. >> we are struggling with a strong swiss franc. it is expensive here, and it would be a big disadvantage for the country if we suddenly had the world's most
Feb 14, 2013 4:00am EST
as it is. >> euro/dollar is just over 1.34. what is woiring is net exports, of course. >> germany's powerhouse. it's interesting, we've seen at morgan stanley, spain will allegedly be the new germany. we're going to ask one of his colleagues about those comments. just why he thinks it might be export in spain now that helps bail that country out. >> meanwhile, happy valentine's day. we'll be out to a highend forest to hear how big a day it is. >> and we'll head out to nestle. >> and we'll be back in moscow in the run up to this weekend's key meeting. >> and we'll get a sue from seoul as the bank of korea says the boj's expansionary policy posts uncertainties to the economy. >> italy is trading lower today but warned of a challenging 2013 to come. cherylin is at the nestle headquarters and joins us for more. i hb carolin. >> thank you, ross. you've got sales increasing by 2.2% to 92 billion swiss francs. net profit slightly lower than forecast, 8.6 billion swiss francs. that's the organic growth figure. now, investors have been incredibly spoiled over the last couple of years becau
Feb 15, 2013 4:00am EST
and the euro, as well. draghi has obviously been speaking this morning saying currency chatter is inappropriate. inflation is not a policy target. it's important for growth. but if they wanted to do anything to weaken the euro, what policy actions could they actually take? >> well, i mean, on paper, they have not options. they can cut interest rates and they could, of course, embark on quantity tative easing, not omt, but buying bonds across europe. but to strike us at likely prospects at this point when talking about the recovery moving to a more stabilization stage. the euro would strike us as an obvious safety buzz. it would rise to currency weakness elsewhere. i think that will be a problem for europe and it's one that they're trying to mitigate now and one they're trying to talk down now it seems from draghi's comments. >> and the german finance minister saying exchange rates should be market oriented. so it looks like the euro will remain least active. i also want to pick up on comments we had from the rba board member edwards overnight saying the aussie/dollar was extremely high. is that
Feb 18, 2013 4:00am EST
'll keep our eyes on that. euro/dollar, 1.3334. and the real focus has been on the yen. 93.96 dollar/yen at the moment. still shy of that 33-month high of 93.47 euro/yen. that's all post, of course, the g-20. no direct criticism of japan. let's check in on what's happening in asia on this first trading day of the week. li sixuan is with us out of singapore. >> hi, ross. asian markets finished on a mixed note with japan yet again dealing in the spotlight. the nikkei jumps 2% here to end a four-year high. this weakens further with japan avoiding criticism of the g-20. prime minister shinzo abe says buying foreign bonds could see options. and the market focus is also on his nominee for the next bank of japan chief. the banking sector led the gains with mitsubishi jumping almost 5%. sharp shares reversed early weakness to end higher by nearly 3% despite a downgrade from s&p. automakers rallied on a weaker currency. in china, is t shanghai composite lost 0.5% as it rapped up the first trading day of the year of snake. liquormakers took the brunt of the selling. retail sales in china durin
Feb 28, 2013 4:00am EST
posted by the spanish company. 90.2 billion euros. it was affected last year by some significant charge. one of them was due to the transfer of their toxic assets to the spanish bank, nearly 12 billion euros of charge. the bank took some -- to cover its potential losses. it was hit by 26.8 billion euros in exceptional items. the bank plans to return to profits this year and it's targeting a net profit of 1.2 billion euros for 2015. it says that the confidence is coming back, that the deposit, for instance, have been proved by 975 million euros in the fourth quarter and the bank announced this morning that it's forming loan ratio was up 13% at the end of december, up from 13.3 at the end of the third quarter. of course, it's still a very, very high level for the nonconforming loans, but the trend is there. >> stephane, just away from bankia, we just got the latest current account deficit figures so that the december current account deficit, 4.87 billion euros, this is from the bank of spain we're now hearing. that means a 2012 current account deficit, 8.3 billion. it was 37.5 billion sin
FOX Business
Feb 15, 2013 4:00pm EST
. telecom was the worst-performing sector ending down nearly 2%. the euro was falling today. this is two week low against the dollar. investors waiting for a final statement on global currency policy from the group of 20. euro closed at 1.3362 against the green back. >>> consumer sentiment, look at this, it jumped in early february on a signs of early hiring. overall index of consumer sentiment rose to 76.3. that absolutely topped estimates from economists the forecast had been for 74.8. david: what is happening wiih today's market? what will happen over the weekend with monday's market as it opens? let's get to today's action. we have andrew keane in the pits of the cme. our market panel. michael musio, gary rand. andrew, let's start with you. i want to start with gold, andrew. who is pushing gold prices lower and where's the bottom in this market? >> that's an interesting one. we see gold so weak overnight. i think hedge fund liquidation there. paulsen has a very big position. someone is getting liquidated very, very strong. gold is breaking the $1600 level. i think it is headed lower.
Feb 21, 2013 5:30am PST
was just a little. also, international friendly. i heard from the euro whole press conference -- euro pulled -- euro pol press conference that as of now there is no indication that the organization has been infiltrated. >> the secretary general has denied that they are between two years and four years behind the match fixing in terms of their ability to gather evidence. that is because the match fixes use the most up-to-date technology while they are hampered by outdated rules. he said he would like that to change and said that law enforcement needs to work more closely and effectively together to fix the problem once and for all. >> secretary of state of the u.s. said that u.s. interests are threatened at home and abroad by lack of assistance. >> in these days of a looming budget sequester that everyone actually wants to avoid februarh february 24. ♪ >> hello again. top stories on al jazeera, at least four explosions in damascus. one after blast targeted the headquarters of the russian embassy. activists say that more than 30 people have been killed. hilton botha -- oscar pistorius
Feb 2, 2013 4:30pm EST
figures out of germany, which was the strongest economy in the euros on when it came out. and we have our own problems, as you are aware, here in the united states, notwithstanding getting by the immediate crisis at the end of this year, the so-called fiscal cliff. all we may manage to do is to put off some of the biggest decisions for another two or three months. so i think, you know, europe has managed along with a little help from myself and elsewhere, to cloud the world economy. in the case of japan, i think people are very hopeful with the election of someone who was to finally get japan out of what is close to two decades of what you might call a lost time. and he has come forth, as you know, with his package which is equivalent to 116 billion u.s., 10 trillion yen, to 2 percent gdp, a lot of that would go to infrastructure, a lot to the north, the earthquake area, but, of course all we have seen 14 such packages since the late 1990's. this one has to be different, and also, he is pressing the bank of japan. last time i was here was to introduce governor sure, several years ago who
Jan 31, 2013 6:30pm PST
banking giant as it post more than 2 billion euros in quarterly losses. >> and tornadoes batter six u.s. states in the southeast of the country. >> syria has summoned the head of the united nations mission in israeli-occupied territory. the issue is an israeli air raid on what syrian officials say was a military research center near damascus. >> the arab league has also condemned the strike, but the actual target is still not exactly clear. some reports suggest a weapons convoy believe to be carrying russian-made anti-aircraft missiles from syria into lebanon. >> we will speak to an expert on the region later. first, this report. >> the israeli government has not issued any statement, but national papers are full of the news. u.s. officials say the raid targeted a weapons convoy headed for members of hezbollah, an ally of the syrian president. but the syrian government denied the existence of the vehicles, saying the israeli planes bombed a research center near damascus. russia says the facts are not yet clear but adds that any air strike would be completely unacceptable. >> we are an
Feb 12, 2013 6:30pm PST
numbers. the trend in frankfurt was positive on tuesday. the dax closing the day at 7660. the euro stoxx 50 up by a nice down 1% of. in new york, the positive momentum continues. markets are still open, and the doubt is about 0.5% higher. the euro trading for $1.3453. >> well, the world's biggest party, apparently, is under way in rio de janeiro. revelers from around the globe are there to celebrate carnival. >> every year, a massive parade runs the city with while customs and dance, and when it comes to conable, no dance is more important, of course, than the sum up. >> they are the best samba dancers in brazil, and this is where they come to do battle every year. television soaps it seemed -- are the theme. the floats are adorned with characters from the most popular shows of recent years. >> it was a great feeling, a really great feeling. god willing, we will win. >> competition is tough. 12 top schools are competing to be named the best. the dancers practice for years for their moment in front of 80,000 spectators. but even though the carnival season is drawing to a close, the compet
Feb 19, 2013 6:30pm PST
economy, driving up the european markets, but the euro was lagging behind because currency traders are already worried ahead of the election, which will take place on sunday. there was high demand for cars shares despite the record low of overall european car sales in january. sales by germany's premier car makers bmw and daimler rose again. analysts take a closer look at the closing numbers. euro stoxx 50 up. the dow up by nearly 0.4% this hour. the euro a bit stronger against the greenback at $1.3386. >> after the break, we will be bringing you a football revolution. >> but first, other stories making news this hour -- >> the united nations says the death toll in afghanistan has fallen for the first time in six years. a new united nations report says civilian casualties' dropped 12% in 2012. the number of women and girls killed has increase. >> syrian opposition activists say at least 20 people have been killed in a rocket attack on aleppo. around two dozen more are still missing. women and children are said to be among the victims. in the capital damascus, three mortar bombs lan
Feb 21, 2013 7:00pm PST
key u.s. manufacturing data came in worse than what most analysts had anticipated. the euro is also losing ground against the yen that's after key business activity data in the euro zone worsened. the euro is being quoted at 122.74 to 79 yen. tokyo share prices are lore and this follows overnight declines on u.s. and european stock markets due to poor economic data from the euro zone. the nikkei at 11,198. that's a loss of almost 1% so far from thursday's close. in the asia pacific the kospi is down slightly about a fifth of a percent at 2,011. in australia the benchmark index is up by 1%, 5,036. london wine buffs have had chance to sip an exotic new vintage. 12 japanese wine producers from the leading wine area held a tasting on thursday. more than 100 local importers and restaurant owners flocked to the event. the hosts posted out the delicate aromas to the visitors. they offered japanese and western cuisine carely matched to go with the wine. >> the wines are great. >> they have exported about 10,000 bottles over three years. global buyers have held back because of the strong yen
Feb 26, 2013 6:30pm PST
with that stalemate in italy. it shows that the euro sovereign debt crisis is not over, and the effects are quite dramatic as well. there are serious share price losses across the board, especially in the financial sector, not just for italian financials but also for the german ones. people are now hoping that it does not affect the euro too much in the next couple of weeks. what is being sought after is a safe haven. people are finding it in german government bonds. >> we stay in europe where it is sharply lower on the day for the dax. about 2.25% lower, all down to that uncertainty in italy. over in new york, a different picture. stocks recovering a bit after a big sell-off yesterday. investors are pretty optimistic about news of the fed stimulus program. euro-dollar is trending lower. >> world powers have begun a new round of talks with iran over its nuclear program. the discussions in kazakhstan got under way with both sides making offers to end a decade of deadlock over the issue. the five permanent u.s. security council members are offering to ease sanctions if iran curbs its uranium enrich
Feb 2, 2013 8:30am PST
for the river and an island for the city. >> 1 trillion euros -- that's roughly how much the eu countries lose every year to tax evasion. brussels is not amused, not least because the euro crisis is far from over. now europe is looking for ways to more effectively track down and penalize tax dodgers. in italy, tax collecting is done by the finance police, the guardia de finanza. employees often used dubious methods when chasing down tax defaulters. the tax collectors work on commission. the more people they catch, the better for them. that is putting pressure on ordinary italians, especially small and medium-size companies. >> it was a spectacular protest against italy's new tax laws. the owner of a small beach bar scaled the dome of st. peter's basilica in rome and stayed put for some 24 hours. when he climbed back down, he was greeted by a cheering crowd. [applause] >> i really hope this tax issue is resolved soon and our small businesses as well as the whole economy can pick up again, at least a little. >> the tax measures by italy's technocrat government under the prime minister are anothe
Feb 28, 2013 2:30pm PST
. the euro stoxx just barely holding on. the euro is also losing speed. >> germany's national rail operator has won around in its ongoing dispute with the european commission over plans to further liberalize the rail market here the court of justice ruled that the network operator could remain a subsidiary of the train operator. >> germany is strongly opposed to proposals to separate rail managers and track operators. for its part, france is thinking of recombining them after separating them 15 years ago. >> a rail operator wanting to use these tracks first has to get a license from deutsche -- from the national rail provider. it decides on routes and schedules for their operators -- the operators and competitors. they also levy fees for usage. here in germany, the operator and the owner are both subsidiaries. the company made an impressive net profit of 2.3 billion euros in 2011. besides passenger operations and freight and logistics, the network operations and services played a major role in those results. their results were helped by subsidies, taxpayer money used to maintain the network
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